About ENSC

East Noble School Corporation Mission
Maximizing Potential in All People Every Day

Strategic Plan--2013-2017

Goal 1 -- East Noble School Corporation will expand students' educational experiences with diverse learning opportunities to ensure preparation for their successful future.
Goal 1 -- Strategies
Improve Academic Performance
  • Increase Problem Solving through PBL, Mathematical Practices from CC, Shift to Common Core Standards
  • Increase Literacy Skills through PBL, 6+1, Shift to the Common Core Standards, Daily 5, and Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • Improving Grading Practices -- Skills Based and Mastery of Standards vs. Completion Oriented
  • Professional development calendar and time line
  • Expand programming and services
  • More course offerings at HS
  • Enhancing pre-school offerings
  • Earlier foreign language exposure
  • Focus on the Speaking and Listening Standards
Increase the Consistency with District Initiatives
  •  Define and prioritize initiatives to be used consistently throughout the district
  • Define common language within each initiative to be used by all stakeholders
  • Implement professional development plan for new teachers
Evaluate School Calendar Options
  • Explore feasibility study and value of a balanced calendar
  • Consider implementation of a balanced school calendar or other calendar that impacts student achievement and stakeholder satisfaction
Develop Student Personal Management Skills
  • Begin implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
  • Provide staff professional development
Create an Online School
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Pilot online options with high school students
  • Implement an online school that meets state requirements
 Goal 2 --  Establish the culture of community ownership in East Noble School Corporation
 Goal 2 -- Strategies
Create an "East Noble Story" for all Stakeholders
  •  Use a variety of media tools to promote ENSC
  • Staff members continue involvement in ENSC community activities
  • Develop informational/instructional videos and make accessible to the public
Provide Opportunities for Stakeholders to Experience East Noble
  •  Create opportunities for stakeholders to emerge themselves in all aspects of East Noble School Corporation
  • Create direct parent involvement opportunities
  • Host evening events that invite stakeholders into the buildings
  • Create an atmosphere of open communication with parents
  • Provide affordable access to school corporation events and activities to senior citizen community members.
  • Develop a volunteer/mentor league
  • Each ENSC student will receive a visit from an ENSC teacher before school begins
Goal 3 --  Provide and maintain facilities to meet the academic and extra-curricular needs of the East Noble Community while being fiscally responsible.
Goal 3 -- Strategies
Develop and maintain facilities to effectively serve the students of ENSC
  • Facilities will be brought to acceptable standards that are conductive to teaching and learning
  • Develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for all East Noble School Corporation facilities
  • East Noble will collaboratively work with the community to identify and communicate facility and grounds needs.

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