Weekly School Spotlight
Weekly School Spotlight
Posted on 05/08/2017

Avilla Elementary

This past Tuesday was an amazing day at OUR school. Ms. Holbrook, Mr. Pepple and staff put together the first ever Unified Game Day at OUR school. Pre-school and special education students from Wayne Center, North Side, and South Side joined OUR students for part of the day to join the activities. Many general education students from the high school, middle school, and 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from Avilla helped out during the day in many ways!

Danyelle Jordan had this to say about helping the students during the activities:

“On Tuesday I helped out with Unified Sports which is special needs sports Olympics. We got put in groups to help with directions and with the game that the kids would play. I thought that the Unified Sports Olympics was really fun to participate in. There were lots of events for kids to experience, and it looked like lots of kids enjoyed it. I had fun helping out and my classmates had fun as well. I think this would make a huge difference in this world if more people got to experience and help out with Unified Sports. It makes you happy and definitely makes the kids happy as well! “

Gracie Marzion had this to say:

“Yesterday, May 2nd we had a field day, but it wasn’t just any normal field day. It was a Special Olympics Field Day! I was one of the volunteers to help work some of the stations for all the students. In the morning and after lunch we had an opening ceremony with a torch! All of the students were mesmerized by how beautiful it was and tons of pictures were taken. I personally think this was a fun day for the students and the volunteers. There was a parachute, corn hole, golf, tons of running, a balance beam, run and carry, kicking games, Frisbee throw and a snack station!! Seeing the smiles on the students’ faces made me smile. It was very well planned and it went great. Every kid got to every station and had a great time!

Thank you to Ms. Holbrook, Mr. Pepple, and staff for doing all this for OUR kids! This is one of those days that all involved will never forget!

This past Thursday OUR PTO put together the staff appreciation lunch. This lunch was catered by the ENHS Round Table Café! What a great lunch it was: Taco Bar! A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Mrs. White, Mrs. Luke-Scherer and students for putting together such a great meal!

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